Workforce supply


Determine the right size of your workforce. Your current and future demand is leading to determine the size of your organisation. StaffGenie helps you to determine the optimal headcount and FTE’s for your different business units.

Managing costs

Determine the exact HR costs (personnel costs, recruitment costs, training costs, etc). Discover the financial consequences of your commercial strategy and find out where you can save costs most efficiently. 

Contract type

Determine the ideal mix of contract types within the organization. How do you deal with contract types for larger projects? How do you deal with the question? StaffGenie answers these questions. 

Contract Type

Organizational structure

The structure determines the character of your organisation. Design a structure with which you, as an organisation, can realise strategies. Define the job functions and job families you need to successfully execute the implementation. 

Movement flows of employees

Predict how employees move within the organization in different functions. Find out where talents will be within the organization within 3 – 5 – 10 years and determine whether there are factors within the organization that promote or disrupt the growth of talent.  

Movement of employees

Capacities and skills

Analyze the potential of employees. Which capacities need to be developed for which talents and when? Look for example at training on the job and internal mobility. With this information you are better able to determine your talent pool and get the most out of your training. 

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