3rd party developers API

StaffGenie offers 3rd party dev APIs. By means of these APIs StaffGenie can be implemented in an existing IT landscape, linked to existing systems and extended with new functionalities. 

Dashboard en report designer

In StaffGenie it is possible to design both dashboards and reports. Through the designer you can create reports with graphs and tables of your own choice.

Logging and monitoring tools

StaffGenie offers extensive functionalities, so it can be easily managed and supported.  

User management

With the administrative tools in StaffGenie you can assign rights to users. You control what users can and cannot see and do. This way you make sure your data never falls into the wrong hands.

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Our data model is generic, which means that we can use data from many sources and transform it to adapt it to the solution. We can use all important information regarding the organization of our customer and the questions that they raise. It usually concerns data about the employees and the functions they fill in, the organizational and functional structure, the skills / abilities of the employees and the skills / abilities that are required for a job. It also concerns the processes that are carried out by the employees and the amount of activities that arise from the demand for work, the course and retirement, the recruitment processes, the career paths, the internal flows, and other flows. Used data is always adjusted to the customer’s problems and the availability of the data.

Interventions in the organization over time are defined in the scenario data sets. These are relative or nominal changes in certain variables that may relate to factors such as future demand, work automation, decreasing revenues, growth / decrease in workforce, cost changes, etc.

Yes, StaffGenie has a built-in dashboard editor that allows users to transform and visualize data as they need it. Dashboards can be easily saved and shared.

Common solutions for personnel planning focus on understanding the current situation and predicting supply and demand. StaffGenie goes beyond that: by using forecasting, it helps you gain insight into each individual action that is needed to implement your strategy. It helps you understand the impact of every intervention you need to take to successfully implement your strategy.

Yes, one of the key strengths of our solution is the ability to investigate a huge scope for possible future opportunities in a number of scenarios. Each scenario has its own output data set that can be compared with other output data sets. There can be multiple data sets of each type of data set.

StaffGenie has a set of KPIs that perform the out-of-the-box. These are based on demand, supply, gap, processes, possibilities, skills and costs. All these KPIs can be visualized at a global level and detailed according to individual position and role. In addition to these KPIs, customer-specific solutions can be adapted to include new KPIs.

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