Workforce demand

Process and Project

Simultaneous control of both processes and projects. Check whether enough employees can be assigned to projects and processes. Gain insight into where in the organization project staff can be placed after completion of projects.

Data-driven forecasting

Make forecasts based on your own data and external data combined. Predict the demand for your organization in multiple scenarios. Investigate how the demand fluctuates under multiple scenarios and set up the workforce accordingly. 

Business drivers

Use multiple business drivers in the analyses and determine what adjustments need to be made to achieve the objectives. All business drivers can be imported and adjusted in StaffGenie. 

Importing Impact Drivers

Validate your strategy

Validate the organisation’s strategy with the workforce. Find out if you have enough people to execute the strategy successfully, and how you define policies to align your workforce with your strategy.

Identifying risks

Gain more knowledge about the organization and align your workforce with your strategy. Gain insight into the risk factors of the strategy and build a robust plan. 

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