Data management

All data in one place

StaffGenie collects all your qualitative and quantitative data in one place. Import data from different files and data sources. Your data is automatically verified and validated. This makes it immediately clear whether all required data is imported and of good quality.  

Simple, fast and effortless

Data pipelines

Using data pipelines, you can easily and quickly import the data required for your analyses. Data can be imported from relational databases, but also via Excel. These pipelines automate many manual processes, such as extraction, transformation, combination, validation and loading.

Real time data

With the data pipelines used by StaffGenie, it is possible to use real time data for your analyses. This allows you to perform carefree analyses with the most recent data. The input data of your analysis is stored as a dataset so that you can always fall back on it. 

Real time data

Version control

With version control all versions of your data remain stored in StaffGenie. You are at all times able to retrieve data on which scenarios have been developed. This allows you to easily and quickly compare changes with each other.  

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