Visualization and dashboards

Interactive dashboards

Data only comes to life when it is displayed graphically. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive package of interactive dashboards for you. Run an analysis and see the results clearly and conveniently displayed in the standard dashboards.

Dashboard designer

In addition to having access to an extensive range of standard dashboards, you can also develop your own dashboards. Creating your own dashboards is easy and fast.

Comparisons visually visible

Compare multiple results, scenarios and interventions. Get a clear picture of the consequences of certain scenarios and interventions and make better analyses faster. 

Easy acces to data

Easy access to data

With StaffGenie you don’t need to be a data expert to use the full potential of your data. Choose your favorite charts and design your own dashboards. The links to the data are already made automatically in StaffGenie, so you don’t need to know SQL yourself. 

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