Work together on the same datasets

Work with your team on the same datasets. See what changes colleagues have made and discuss these with them. Teamwork makes you more productive and StaffGenie enables you to get the most out of the team. 

Create scenarios as a team

Create scenarios together and investigate how the organization changes when you apply these scenarios. Investigate the best solutions to problems, share your changes in datasets and your created scenarios and solutions with your colleagues. 

Comments and notifications

By means of the comment feature you communicate directly with your colleagues in relevant datasets. In this way, the communication is clearly present and you immediately see what has been discussed. Receive notifications when comments and changes have been made. With notifications you are always up to date with the latest developments.

Comments and notifications
User control and function management

User and function management

Determine at user and function level who has access to which datasets. This way you can share a folder, but also determine whether or not people are allowed to see certain datasets in a folder. 


Datasets and analyses can be exported to Excel, PDF and Docx. It is not necessary to make reports of the analyses, as we have already made these automatically for you.

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