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StaffGenie is the most advanced workforce planning tool.

StaffGenie is the key to success

Use the potential of your data and gain a strategic advantage over competitors with our advanced workforce planning tool.

What our customers say

Organization structure

Check whether the organizational structure is suitable for the current demand. Develop all possible scenarios and determine which organizational structure best fits the organization based on data.

Gap analysis

Align supply and demand with the help of simulations and scenarios.

Talent development in the workplace

Talent Management

Get the most out of the potential of your talents. Gain insight into training needs, growth potential, turnover and capacities. Investigate scenarios and simulate the future using prescriptive analyzes.


All important information regarding recruitment is clearly visible. Look at the present, but also at the future of the recruitment process and determine the right strategy.

We solve real problems

Improve your workforce management and achieve strategic goals.

A few faces behind our success

Our work inspires!

Michele Fumarola


Tim Jansen

Marketing- and Sales Manager

Paweł Kołodziejczyk

Analytics consultant, expert on workforce planning

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